Philips CS3440P Premium Center Channel speaker, Great Price cheap!

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Philips CS3440P Premium Center Channel speaker<<==Look!!!!!!!
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Brand new Philips
CS3440P premium center channel speaker.   At first glance this speaker looks like a standard center channel speaker in a silver plastic case with a silver/gray cloth speaker grill.  Once you pick it up however, you notice how heavy the speaker is!  This means only 1 thing:  The speaker has a heavy magnet.  Speakers with a big heavy magnet are better speakers.  So I decided to take this speaker apart and see "what is under the hood" so to speak.

I discovered what I thought I would, a 2 x  3" speaker with a big magnet.   Even more amazing is these 6ohm speakers have a 40 watt power rating!  The tweeter is pretty big as well handling 5 watts.  This gives the speaker a 45 to 85 watt power handling rating. 

Here is a peek under the hood.  First a view with the cloth grill off:

Here is the front and back view of each speaker:

Here is the back and side view inside the speaker:


That is a lot of horse power inside that speaker!    What a great speaker!

You would expect to pay 3 times a much for speakers of this quality. Due to our buying power, we are offering you an unprecedented value! The speakers are pre wired with about 12 feet of speaker cable. These can be wall mounted.  Add these speakers to your stereo or home theatre system.

Speakers are 3 1/2  inches tall, 8 1/2 inches wide, 3 1/2 inches deep

These are brand new speakers. We purchased them bulk packed directly from a Philips distributor. These are not in retail boxes. They will shipped in standard cardboard boxes. No manuals are included.

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