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Speakers/PA systems


Complete PA systems for your Karaoke Machine:

Complete PA System Menu:

Good: $459 SHS PM400 and SD-H10 speakers
Better: $599 Yorkville MM4 and Y110 speakers
Best: $1049 Yorkville MP6D and Y150 speakers
Ultimate: $1859 Vocopro mixer, Crest speakers/amp

GOOD:  $459


Includes PM400 Mixer/Amp and 1 pair of SD-H10 speakers

Add $40 for a microphone with/cable


SHS pm400.gif (16266 bytes)

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4 Channel Powered Mixer w/Reverb
Power Output:  100W/200W Peak
Inputs:  4 XLR, 4 1/4", 1 CD/Tape
Master EQ:  3 Band
Loops:  1 Effects, In/Out
Spkr Outputs: 1/4"
Tape Outputs:  RCA
Weight:  20 lbs

SHS sd-10.gif (21711 bytes)

With the need for smaller full range cabinets increasing all the time, we designed this crowd pleaser to sound big but cost little. The popular MG 10" speaker and 2" x 6" tweeter are the perfect match to reproduce a wide range frequencies and still handle up to 200 watts peak!


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BETTER:  $599

Yorkville Performance system #1

Includes Yorkville MM4 Mixer/Amp and 1 pair of Y110 Speakers

Add $75 to upgrade to Y112 speakers

Add $100 upgrade to the MM-6 Mixer/Amp

Add $40 for a microphone with/cable

Yorkville_mm4mm6.gif (12002 bytes)

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MM-4 Four Channel Powered Mixer (150W)
The MM4 four channel powered mixer provides clean, basic, simple operation with 150W @ 4ohms. Input jacks include XLR, 1/4" phone and RCA. Global 3-band EQ is provided for easy set up. It's all you need for a basic P.A. system.

MM-6 Six Channel Powered Mixer (150W)
The MM6 six channel powered mixer delivers 150W @ 4ohms and features 6-band main EQ and reverb. Each channel offers XLR and 1/4" phone inputs along with treble, bass and effect controls. It has little less power, but it still has quality and features you'd expect from Yorkville.

Yorkville_y110y112.gif (12255 bytes)

The compact and cost-effective Y110 and Y112 are full range cabinets that are sure to become the mainstay of your portable sound system. Loaded with 10" or 12" woofers (respectively) combined with 1" high frequency horns, these boxes put out enough clean sound to fill small to medium sized venues. They can be easily stand mounted using the built-in stand adapters and include the standard Performance series features that will keep them working 'gig after gig'. These light weight and incredibly affordable alternatives won't strain your back or your bank account.


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BEST:  $1049

Yorkville Performance system #2

Includes Yorkville MP6D Mixer/Amp and 1 pair of Y150 Speakers

Add $40 for a microphone with/cable

Yorkville mixer amp mp6d.gif (9058 bytes)

Click on picture for larger view

The MP6D six channel powered mixer solves problems! The 325W at 4 Ohms means that you get better than 160W of power to each of your 8 ohm speakers. This means more power where you need it! The 32 preset footswitchable digital effects processor has more than just basic reverb. Effects include seven rooms, seven halls, six chambers and plates, seven delays and even five special effects!! Pick the effects that works best for you.

All important multiple clip indicators make getting a great sound a snap by detecting distortion throughout the signal path. Other features include six XLR inputs, four balanced 1/4" inputs, dual RCA inputs on Ch. 5 & 6 for use with CD/Tape players, effects-to-monitors knob, 9-band graphic EQ, phantom power, line outputs, monitor output, record output, and effects send jack. The compact format MP6D also features a rugged all plywood enclosure and metal chassis that makes it ready for the road. Feature for feature, the MP6D is the best value in it's class!!


Yorkville y150.gif (16553 bytes)



The high output Y150 takes the Performance series to the next level. The robust high frequency driver incorporates a 2" titanium diaphragm and is mounted on a large format wave guide horn with a tight 60 degree dispersion that puts the sound where you want it!! The new technology 15" low frequency driver delivers superior punch and power handling, and is acoustically welded to the high frequency driver using the latest crossover technology for superior imaging. The enclosure also utilizes non-symmetrical, tuned teardrop-shaped ports for enhanced frequency response. Translation? These cabinets sound fantastic!! The Y150's are perfect for application in small to medium sized venues.


Ultimate: $1859

Vocopro KJM-8000 Mixer

Crest LQ12 Speakers

Crest LT1000 Amp

For People who only want the best!

Add $40 for a microphone with/cable

Add $199 to upgrade to LQ15 speakers

Click on Image for larger picture

Vocopro kjm_8000 Mixer.jpg (44718 bytes)

Click here for specs on mixer

Crest t1000.jpg (8130 bytes)

Click here for specs on the LT1000 amp


Crest lq12 speaker.jpg (11880 bytes)

1000 watts!!!

2000 watt peak!!!

Can your karaoke speakers do that?

Crest Quality!





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