Rent a search light for your next grand opening,

 sale, party, or special event!




We are proud to bring you 2 search light choices. 

The Ad Light and Nova light are available Nationally and locally.




(Available for local or National rental)


Rates for 1 AD LIGHT

Rates are for 3 hours a night.  The light can be used for additional hours at an extra charge.

  1 NIGHT           $  350 plus shipping

  2 NIGHTS          $  650 plus shipping

  3 NIGHTS          $  870 plus shipping

  7 NIGHTS          $1230 plus shipping

10 NIGHTS         $1500 plus shipping

Monthly Rate      $2785 shipping included


Rates for 2 AD LIGHTS

Rates are for 3 hours a night.  The light can be used for additional hours at an extra charge.

  1 NIGHT           $  599 plus shipping

  2 NIGHTS          $  1199 plus shipping

  3 NIGHTS          $  1599 plus shipping

  7 NIGHTS          $2299 plus shipping

10 NIGHTS         $2777 plus shipping

Monthly Rate      $4977 shipping included



(Available for local or National rental):

2 units shown below:

Searchlight:: Single


US: 220V w/ 110V base SINGLE-110V

Small, but strong for outdoor use.

This is a projector for out door use,

visible from 1 to 1.5 miles (the direction the light is facing).

With a patented rotating system and the use of a 1200W discharge lamp,

 it produces a powerful and concentrated beam moving in a circular motion,

with a fixed opening angle of 20 degree.

 It is also possible to regulate the rotation speed gradually.

Unit truck ships in a special crate.  Unit is on wheels.


Frequently asked questions

Rental Rates

Shipping Rates

Call toll free: 800-788-9552

for Nationwide Rental

Call 607-797-7464

for Broome County

Finally an affordable searchlight for the rest of us! 

The searchlight single is small, lightweight,

but still very effective!  Plus it is the only searchlight that

you can plug in a regular 110v/15 amp outlet!


$175 a day

(plus shipping each way)

$300 per weekend

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

(plus shipping each way)

$500 per week

(plus shipping each way)




$275 a day

(plus shipping each way)

$450 per weekend

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

(plus shipping each way)

$750 per week

(plus shipping each way)


Delivery is FREE 30 mile radius

from our location in Endicott, NY

We ship this light to most states via

Truck Freight from our Endicott, NY location:

Shipping rates are as follows:

State:  NY, NJ, VT, PA, MD, MA, CT, VA, NC, ME:

Shipping:  $185 each way,  $370 total

State: SC, GA, AL, MS, TN KY, OH, IN, MI, IL, WI  

Shipping:  $195 each way,  $390 total

State:  TX, ND, NM, CO, WY, MT, ID, UT, AZ, FL    

Shipping: $255 each way,  $510 total

We no longer rent to NV, CA, OR, WA

(Unless you are renting for a full week)

Frequently asked questions for the nova light, AD Light.


1. Do you have multiple locations?

No, we ship the lights by truck freight from upstate

NY (Endicot).  Endicott is 1 hour south of Syracuse.

2. Are there shipping discounts for two lights?

No, each light is shipped in a separate crate/case.

So the trucking company does not give us any breaks.

3. Do you have multiple week/month rates?

Yes, we do.  Please call 800-788-9552

 for pricing and availability

4. Do you rent the big 4 head lights?

No, those lights rent for around $1100 for
3 hours in many cities.  They are very effective, but very expensive. 
 Our lights are a much better value. 

5. How far can you see the lights?

The nova light has a range of 1 to 1 1/2 miles depending on atmospheric conditions. 

Our largest client Mc Donald's reported a range of 2 miles once. 

However we have never seen the light past the 1 1/2 mile range.

The AD light has an effective range of 1 to 12 miles.  

We have personally seen the beam going up into the sky from the 3 mile mark. 

From a hill we saw the beams from the 5 mile mark once. 

We have seen the circles in the clouds as far away as 9 1/2 miles.

6.  What do we do when the light arrives?

The light arrives in a custom crate/case.  Open the top,

Place the light where you want it.  Plug it in.   It is very, very easy to use. 

7.  What do we do after we are done with the light?

Reverse the directions from question 6. above.  Remove old shipping labels. 

Put the provided return labels on the crate. 

Call or email Power Alley to let us know the light is ready for pickup. 

We will call the trucking company to pick up the light. 

8. How big is the light?

The NovaLight is about the size of a 27" TV. (100 pounds)

It is on wheels and can you can fit 2 of the in the back of an SUV.  

The ad light is about the size of a small refrigerator. (also 100 pounds)

9.  How long does shipping take?

It takes 2 working days to get to

New York City, NJ, New England, Carolinas, Chicago. 

3 days to St Louis/Atlanta, Alabama.  

10.  Can I get the light be shipped over night?

Possibly, but the shipping would be extremely high.

10.  Can I get the light be shipped over night? Yes, but the shipping would be extremely high.
11.  Do you have a frequent rental program? Rent 5 times from Power Alley, get 1 rental Free*(rental is Free, you just pay shipping).  Available on the Nova light only.
12.  How effective is the light? We have had many large and small clients like The NHL, McDonalds, Best Buy, Lasy Boy Furniture Outlets.  The Repuplican Party, Car Dealerships, Restaurants, Bars, churches report excellent results.  The light is most effective when you point it towards or over a highway.
13. Do I need a permit to use the light? You might.  Check with your local town or city hall.
14. What size electrical outlets do I need for the nova light and AD light? You need 1 regular 15 amp outlet for each light. 




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