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EV SXA360 

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General Description:
The Electro-Voice« SxA360 high-powered loudspeaker is a fully integrated audio system with carefully matched electronics and transducers. This product makes it easy to set up a high-quality sound system quickly with a minimum of cables and external electronics. It retains typical EV ruggedness, reliability and impeccable sound quality.

Key Features:
bulletTwo built-in power amplifiers, one for low frequencies and one for high frequencies. The amplifiers also contain electronic crossover circuitry and CD horn compensation optimized for the speaker components, as well as a limiter circuit that prevents either amplifier from clipping while preserving sonic quality.
bulletThe low-frequency power amplifier delivers 350 watts continuous average power.
bulletThe high-frequency power amplifier delivers 150 watts continuous average power.
bulletThe line input utilizes Neutrik« "combo" connectors, which will accept either ╝-inch or 3-pin XLR-type connectors.
bulletThe separate line output is a 3-pin XLR-type balanced, low-impedance output that can be used with long cable runs.
bulletThe SxA360 two-way system is perfect for use as powered floor monitors.
SxA360 Owner's Manual
SxA Series of Powered Loudspeakers Flier
SxA360 EDS
EV SxA Series Powered Loudspeaker Brochure - 01/16/2002