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EV T252+ 

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bulletDual-15-inch two-way speaker with 800 watts continuous, 3,200 watts peak power handling.
bulletRing-Mode Decoupling and frequency shading of the lower woofer produces beautiful vocals, excellent midrange clarity and solid bass response.
bulletDH2T 2-inch pure titanium compression driver coupled with High-Q 60o x 40o Constant-directivity horn.
bulletCan be run passive or biamped.
bulletDual Neutrik Speakon connectors.
bulletEnclosure is built from 18 mm plywood and covered with black industrial carpet for protection during transportation
Description Type Size KB
800-watt dual 15-inch two-way, 60 x 40 High-Q with rotatable HF horn, biamp or passive, trapezoidal, integral stand mount, black carpet EDS 327
T252+ - AutoCAD 3D Wireframe Drawing Drawing 74
EV Product Catalog in Spanish Catalog 4702
EV Product Catalog 2003 (8.5 MB) Catalog 8564