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Theatrical Package

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The Theatrical Set includes:
bullet1 pc TFX-24C Stage Designer
bullet2 pcs DMX-35 Dimmer Pack
bullet1 pc DMX-10 33ft XLR
bullet1 pc DMX-4.5 15' XLR
bullet4 pcs Par-64 can black or chrome
bullet1 pc CH-GEL
bullet DMX-512 dimming console
bullet24 DMX channels
bullet48 programs
bullet4200 steps
bullet4 pages of 48 scenes
bullet24 sliders
bulletMix and match chases
bullet Override chases on the fly
bullet Beat-activation, tap sync, auto run, midi
bullet Polarity selector
bulletAuto run
bulletMidi in/out
bullet Blackout
bullet6 space 19” rack mount
bullet Size: 19in x 10.4in x 3.35in
bullet Shipping Weight: 7.92lbs
bullet Master Packed 2pcs / 15.84lbs
bullet Power: Available in 110v or 230v
bullet Universal DMX-512 relay pack
bullet 4 channels of DMX
bullet 7A per channel
bullet Programmable via:
bullet TFX-24C, ShowXpress, DMX-6, DMX-40, DMX-50 or any universal DMX controller
bullet Built in programs
bullet 16 pattern beat-activated
bullet 16 pattern automatic
bullet 16 stand-alone chase patterns
bullet 8 stand-alone speeds
bullet Size: 3.5in x 8in x 2.75in
bullet Shipping Weight: 3.2lbs
bullet Master Packed 10pcs / 32lbs
bullet Power: 110v or 230v
bullet Polished or black
bullet Gel holder included
bullet A/C socket and cord w/plug included
bullet Size: 16.5in x 10.5in x 10.5in
bullet Shipping Weight: 4.05lbs
bullet Master Packed 6pcs / 26lbs
bullet Power: 110v / 230v (based on bulb used)