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Bass Guitars:

 We have a large selection of used bases in stock right now.  Especially if you are looking for a starter bass.

Brand new Epiphone floor model bass:  $249!

Used bases by Charvel, Jackson, Yamaha, ESP, and more!


Schecter Diamond Bass            $329  sold






Bass Amps:

 New Blowout:   SWR Workingpro 400 amp and Workingman 4x10: CALL!

Other new blowouts on SWR:

Workingpro 700 amp, Working pro 10, Working pro 15, Working pro 2x10



Call for our smoking deals on brand new SWR bass amps!!!


Have something to sell or trade in?

Fill in our Trade in purchase/form.

We purchase Music Gear, CD's, Video games/systems, Computer hardware/software, Stereo gear.

If you cannot find the used gear that you are looking for,  please use our free:

Used Gear Finder System