Mapex Pro M Birch 5 piece  with 10/12/14(hanging) toms, Kick, matching snare.  Includes Cymbal stand, Boom stand, snare stand, kick pedal, high hat stand:   $399


Pearl Masters Series MMX 7 Piece Platinum Mist with Gold Hardware (used only 1 month):  $3299(includes 8,10,12,14,16 floor, Kick, 6.5 x 14" Sensitone brass snare) Brand new heads on Toms and snare. Brand new Pearl Icon Rack included, Brand new Pearl Snare stand included.

Selected Sonor and Yamaha hardware on MEGA BLOWOUT!!!!

Hot sticks special $12.99 pr, $23.50 for 2 pairs, $29.99 for 3 pairs, $34.99 for 4 pairs!


Pearl Boom Stand:  $45



Used Tama 13" Hand Hammered snare: $119


Pearl Export 16x22 kick drum (black):  $224



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Used Zildjan cymbals:



 Zildjan 20" Ride: $99



Here is just a sample of what is currently available.  If you are looking for something specific,  please fill out our FREE used gear finder form.